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If the party is a formal one then nothing looks better than a neatly fitted black trouser with decent finish. Pair it up with black shirt with white checks or vertical stripes. You can also wear the shirt with a khaki pant. Wear a jacket or a blazer that matches the trousers. Wear smart and formal shoes, brown or black, which exude elegance till the last bit!

I came home from the conference determined to compile my list of stats and to start using them. And to inspire you my readers and dick tracy watch clients to do the same.

smart watches are new to the consumer world of electronics and are one of the most expensive gifts for men. There are only a few on the market now, but more are expected to follow. The use of a smart watch goes way beyond a normal watch. A normal watch is only used for telling the time of day and if you are really lucky, what the day is. A zebra strategy offers much of the same functions that you would find on a tablet without the bulky screen size. A smart watch can also be a little difficult to use but once the controls are familiarized, a gadget guy will never buy a standard watch again.

US Cellular: Although US Cellular is expected to carry the Galaxy Note 3 in the color Jet Black in October, no specific release date or price information was announced just yet. It's unknown if they will receive the Note 3 at a later date in Classic White, or if they will sell the Galaxy Gear. More information should be revealed within the coming weeks.

Davis said the big thing the company did was change the outside design of the Avalon giving it a walkie talkie sleeker appearance with such design touches as matching the shape of the tail lamps with that of the dual exhaust tips to give the rear end a smooth appearance something you wouldn't notice unless they were really different Davis said.

With either of these antennas you can then either connect directly to the cell phone, if it has the required connection port, or to an air card, connect the BLACKCAT! Antenna to a Wilson 811210 amplifier that can connect to the devices even if they do not have that are otherwise required for direct connection, or use the Wilson Model 80201 mobile wireless repeater system that is a kit made specifically to cover an area about the size of an RV driver/passenger area.

Weapon 2. Commitment and Consistency. Like other weapons of influence, this rule is quite simply our desire to be, and to appear to be, consistent with what we have already done. As an example, if we buy a small item, we are frequently asked if we would like to supersize it, or buy another item for 50% (as an example) more; all presented to us at the same time. This is part of the motorola business up-sell process.

The one which impressed me the most is V6 Touch FM Bluetooth Watch Phone. It is white in color with 1.5 inch touch screen LCD display. It also has 1.3 MP camera which is an added advantage. It has all the basic multimedia features like audio player, video player, voice recorder, video recorder, sound recorder, image viewer, and FM radio. It comes with a single SIM slot. It supports all standard features of a mobile phone like phonebook, alarm, to-do list, organizer, calculator, and also eBook reader. It supports talk time of 4-5 hours. The phone watch is moderately priced at $71.06. The dimension of the phone watch is 4.8x4x2 cm and weighs 0.078 kg along with the battery. The phone is available in various languages like English, French, Spanish, Italian, Thai, and Chinese.