What makes a happy workplace?

Your office is a place to be productive, but that does not mean it cannot be fun as well. Happy work environments can be achieved by combining some key ingredients.The Office LayoutAccording to the February 2006 issue of the Journal of Curriculum Studies, work environments have become more structurally segregated, especially if your workplace consists of cubicles. Being physically divided from coworkers can have an impact on employee attitudes. To achieve a happy work environment, break down the wall barriers and open up the atmosphere so that coworkers can communicate with one another.

Team-BuildingConducting team-building activities in the workplace can give employees a sense of socialization. By working in teams, employees can feel supported by coworkers, share workloads and have interpersonal experiences.

LeadershipLeadership styles can influence employee attitudes, and good supervisory skills will result in a happy work environment. A supportive management style is the key to maintaining positive employee attitudes.

Creativity and InnovationAdd a little excitement to your workplace by being creative and innovative. Come up with ways to liven the environment. Host bagel breakfasts, start a coffee club or even throw potlucks now and then to keep employees happy.

Performance ManagementPerformance management includes being aware of the organizational behavior in the workplace, and knowing when employees are satisfied, or unsatisfied, with work. Checking in with employees from time to time makes them feel valued in the organization.

Source:Journal of Curriculum Studies