Getting The Best Showers And Spouts For Your Bathroom

Many showers in most homes are mundane structures that are more functional than stylish. However, they are one element of a bathroom that when given extra attention can work wonders to the room or stall.


The conventional shower head is a circular structure that jets water onto the person standing below it. However, you can get an innovative manufacturer or supplier who stocks them in rectangular, oval, starry or other odd shapes.

Design In Positioning

Choose a shower whose position you can adjust, like swinging it to the left or right. Traditionally, the shower head is anchored to a vertical vent that is connected to the central water system. You can however, choose to have the head placed midway on the wall between the floor and roof. It will still work the same way, only from a different angle. It's exciting and quite convenient to have a shower with an almost unlimited range of movement.


Tap and bath spouts are another ignored area. The circumference of the spout makes the difference between you having to deal with annoyingly high water pressure or enjoying fast and steady filling of your tub.

Color is another factor with so many options. From bronze for a vintage look to brilliant stainless steel for an ultra-modern touch, the choices are unlimited. The only thing that should matter of course is its durability.


Metal is the most common material used to make shower heads. With time however , this head may rust. Stainless steel is the best option, or you can go for others like brass. However, no one is limited. There are bathrooms with gold showerheads.


If your water is preheated from the central system then you have the liberty to choose whatever shape for your shower head. You will be limited if you have to heat your water using an external heater. The only available one may be round in shape, forcing you to opt for a round head.

Digital Showers

These can be controlled from a separate point, like controlling a light bulb through a switch. You can turn them on/off and also mix the water to your desired temperature. The latest models have a display screen that shows you the temperature of the water. This would be a huge plus for you to have one constant figure to set it at instead of having to test it with your hand each time. Also check more information about Sanitary Ware , Sanitary fittings and Shower Panels .


To achieve the desired temperature, these come in handy. There are magnificent mixers available in the market today. Some are levered, others simply have knobs and buttons to be pushed.

The Water Efficiency and Labelling Standards (WELS) scheme requires the following for showers:

The angle of at which water is sprayed from the shower head should be not more than 8 degrees.

The difference in temperatures of the water dropping from the head at the top and floor should not be more than three degrees.

The shower must be watertight.

The showers are tested according to AS/NZS 6400 of 2005. Your supplier will boost the authenticity and superiority of his products by proving that they are tested by WELS and comply with the Plumbing Code of Australia. These products will most likely have the WaterMark® logo on them.