The 'do da tribe'; Card Carrying Members

Well, We arrived at the conclusion of another week...Unless... There are TGI Fridays, Freaky Fridays, Picture Fridays, Representation Fridays, NPR's Science Fridays, Practical Fridays, Friday Night Lights, and then there's my Friday and your Friday. The non-Friday. We are going to work late to-day, and early tomorrow. There is no end or beginning to a week, a month, or a year. They all appear to run together. 1 day morphs into another. If not for the calendar in the lower right-hand corner of the monitor we could not recognize one hour, one day or one month from another. We are members of the 'do da' group. Our primary interest in life, 'do da' check come yet? We only would like to get our hands on that check. There are mouths to feed, expenses to pay, and fears to borrow from to-morrow. It's only 1-0 months, 76 times, until Christmas!!! In the mean time there is Halloween candy (a lot of costly Halloween decorations) and candy to purchase, Thanksgiving Dinner to offer, and....oh, what is the employment? God only gave 24 hours to us in a day since that's all we can handle...and to deal with those few hours we have to rest at least 8 of them! Yet, Friday is hardly over before we're consumed with all the next day's and next week's perceived problems and cares. No-one understands. Even worse, no body cares! I mean, you've a $3,000.00 paycheck to create next Friday, and you do not have $100.00. Browse this hyperlink gaudygraveyard2 - to read why to see about it. Sure, you just made payroll this morning however now you're broke and you don't discover how you're going to allow it to be a few weeks. Everybody else however you is busy planning their weekend and their holidays. Your hair is prematurely gray, your face is balding earlier that your dad's did, you're overweight, you have chewed the mouth-piece off your preferred Dunhill, you have high blood-pressure and your cholesterol is all-out of wack...well duh!!!!!!! Please allow the Tennessee Mountain Man to reveal among the few things he's certain of...'There can be a God and I'm maybe not Him and neither are you.' And, 'H-e can and will do what you and I can not, if we will allow Him.' H-e cares about you. But, it's not just about you or me. God is not a door knob or a tree as some have suggested but someone who also cares for all those you care for... for those you must pay, provide insurance for and provide a safe work environment for. You are only His instrument for caring for others. Please, you do your thing and let Him do His before you end up with heart-disease and cancer such as the Tennessee Mountain Man! We get a new start every 24 hours. Let's maybe not blow it by killing ourselves early passing up on what He has for us and depriving others of the blessings He has for them. For those of you who stayed with me, here is some FREE HELP from Remote Helpdesk 1 for your on line business; but please, let it be until Monday and if you need further help there are numerous outsourced it services sources at and more are being added all the time. Well, alas, the do da tribe and it is smart people arrived at the end of another week! Let us make a deal, Monty? I'll take the weekend off in the event that you will! Monday will come quickly enough, and all-things large and little will still be there awaiting us. Go to a ball game, go fishing or hunting, go to the county fair or to the October Fest and have a G Dtc Elizabeth A T Week-end!! Grill some of those venison steaks for me, and I will see you around the tribal council Monday. tmm.