I am Being Accused Of Child Abuse, Why Is The Hamilton County Children & Family Services Involved?

Why Would Hamilton County Children & Family Services Be Involved If I'm Accused Of Child Abuse?


If you have been accused of child abuse, then you possibly had to experience a whole lot of difficulties. The Cincinnati law makes it mandatory that children and family services take up the analysis in this matter. So now, the matter doesn't go to the police immediately. The law in Cincinnati has its very own approach. And the first step is that the Hamilton County children and family services open the investigation to determine what exactly took place.


To start with, a staff member will start the proceedings of investigation. It'll involve a caseworker that helps the children and family services. He'll question to the relatives of the kid. A direct session with the child, and inquiring what actually happened. He will as well have an investigating meeting along with the parents of the child, and even the guardian of the child, if the immediate parents aren't there.


There will even be an investigation session by the caseworker along with the person that initially made the allegation of child abuse.  These sessions may not end up instantly. It may well go up to a number of sessions, a lot of visits by the caseworker to the place where the child stays. He'll carry on the entire procedure for inquiry to gain enough info and gather solid facts before he pushes one step further.  During the procedure he will meet with the child several times as well as the person that came up with the allegations.


Now there is a catch here. The police can also be a part of the party. When the police join the party, the going for you may be definitely cluttered.  There are a few situations when the police comes in, the police will never come without anybody asking them. It is the children and family services that are required to call the police where they think it is essential for the police to step in.


Here are couple of significant situations when police might assist


Should there be an offence against a child, then the children and family services would be forced to contact the police.


When there is threat to the lives of children, or even to the security of children, the police might be requested to take over the situation.


When there is a death of a child while the child is in custody, the police definitely steps in.


Additionally, when the caseworker that has been analyzing the case feels threatened of an impending risk could request police help.




Child abuse is unsafe from every angle. The individual that has been arrested can feel the trap, a trap that is challenging to break. But, you should attain the perfect assistance from a well-known Cincinnati Legal Help law firm, to come out of this clutter.


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