Why Massages are not Enough to Soothe your Back and Neck Pains

Do you experience chronic back and neck pains that no amount of massage therapy can relieve? Have you tried it all, from Shiatsu to Swedish, Thai, Hot Stone and even Combination massages but the pain still recurs? Have you exhausted your options such as acupuncture therapy, massage, saunas and even overdosing on painkillers, but to no avail? Perhaps it's time to try Chiropractic therapies.

Unlike conventional massage therapies that can only penetrate the superficial muscles and involves popping the joints occasionally, chiropractic techniques have deeper muscular involvement, as well as safe vertebral alignment that no ordinary masseuse can replicate. Massage therapies work for short-term instantaneous relief because these can only address the symptom, but not what causes it. This is the reason behind the recurrence of the body pain even with regular trips to the massage spa. With Chiropractic, the nerves, muscles and spine are all addressed; providing a well-rounded solution and an end to your body pain woes.

Pain is mostly a signal received by the brain from affected areas of the body. Often, the causes and origin of pain are just the nerves being hypersensitive due to other reasons. There may really be nothing wrong with the particular area such as the muscles of the back or the shoulders, but the signals of pain are sent from nerve endings in these areas due to vertebral joint misalignments. That is why instead of feeling relief when going for hard massages or applying extreme pressure to seemingly affected areas, sometimes the pain becomes even worse and the intervention may just trigger bruises. With Chiropractic, the root of the problem as well as the symptoms is treated. The vertebral joint misalignments or subluxations are manipulated to their ideal configuration. As a result, the nerves that emanate from the spinal cord function smoothly, eliminating the sometimes faulty signals of pain perceived by the nerves and brain.

Ultimately, massages are not bad per se but they may not be enough. Know what the body needs first. Recurring pains may signify that something else is amiss—something only an experienced chiropractor can fix.

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