Leisure Activities to Enjoy in Majorca

Water Sports in Palma: it is the capital city of this island and has a reputation for its bays and beaches. It is a lovely city considered to be among the most stunning in the country. It is becoming a popular holiday destination for holidaymakers and is one of the best weekend break destination that you can choose. You can enjoy walks and boat rides, swimming and various water sports from the city to make your time in the capital most memorable. The activities can be enjoyed on a daily basis.

Walks in Deia: this village is on the northern coast of the island and is most known for the irrigation channels or Moorish origin, the fisherman houses and of course the olive groves which are characteristic in the village. Nature walks and hikes can be enjoyed on a lazy day to add some spice to the time one is spending here. It is indeed a picturesque village worth checking out with ease.

Visit to Mallorca caves: the caves are the nature jewels of Majorca and happen to be among the major attractions here. They come complete with enormous stalagmites, stalactites and also undergrounds lakes that will make your tour of the caves most interesting. The island has numerous caves over two hundred in number which means that you can enjoy what they have on offer for as long as you want. Guided tours through the caves are the most interesting.

Strolls in Placa Major: it is a famed street for pedestrians and it has lots of bars, cafes and restaurants all offering amazing dining and wining opportunities. A stroll down this street on the island is one of the best activities that you can choose for your daytime free time. It is interesting in every aspect that you wont even notice the time fly.

Visit to Mallorca harbor: it is one of the attractions of the island and definitely a place that is worth visiting for leisure. The views from the harbor are breathtaking and you will also find the fishermen busy at work, the yachts, cafes, restaurants and the natural nice environment amazing. It is a great place you can choose to enjoy an evening or afternoon away enjoying the best of nature and the island as a whole.

Majorca has numerous leisure activities to offer and the experience that you get will depend on the islands area that you are in and what you are willing to do during your free time.