Use of plywood in construction area

With the development of China, more and more regions engaged in urbanization, and all of these need for the construction of various buildings. So this would give the chance for plywood supplier in China. For now, social attitudes, only live in a modern building considered had played a modern life.


Construction workers may be just in front of the construction site to find a corner to take a small tent to sleep on, but now with the development of society, the emergence of a dedicated slowly in temporary residence houses. Usually in the construction site, the first to be built after leveling would like temporary housing for the workers live, and then begin construction. This is the reason for the blossom of the market of block boards wholesale China. These temporary housing when you need to join sandwich panel, and in some places has not set up the temporary housing space, this time by a mechanical movement needs to place the container house. And here to use container house also need to use the sandwich, because there is a good sandwich insulation function.


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