High Cost of Senior School Year

Senior Year of High SchoolParents need to get their pens ready and their checkbooks open for their childs last year of high school. On the low end, a parent can spend $1500 on a child's senior year. However, parents can spend thousands of dollars.Planning for College

These costs do not include the expense of tuition, books or room and board for the following freshman year. These are the costs to get into a college.

College Entrance Exams -- Most colleges require a college entrance exam score. Many students take the test two to four times to improve scores.

ACT registration fee is $30 with a $19 late charge for late registrations.SAT registration fee is $43 with a $22 late charge for late registrations.Additional costs of the test: study guide: $30-45 and ACT or SAT preparation classes: $100-200

College Exploratory Trips -- Before students decide on a college to attend, they should visit the campus. Generally, the tours are free. However, overnight expenses come out the parents pocket. This can range from $150-$500.

Freshman College Admission Fees -- For every college where a student applies, there will be an application fee. Fees start around $40 and vary from college to college.

Special or Extra Expenses for Seniors Class Members

Senior Portraits --Most seniors have their portraits professionally taken for the yearbook and for family members. The number of photographers and packages available are different from town-to-town. Professional Portrait packages range from $200-2000.

To save money-- Shop around to find the best package deals. Some photographers use representatives or ambassadors. They offer discounts to students to complete photo shoots early and to show the proofs to anyone and everyone.

Yearbooks -- Most schools publish a yearbook, and one costs $35-85. Many offer the option to pay online and to make smaller payments throughout the year.

Prom -- Prom for the senior includes tickets $15-100 each, the dress and accessories $50-1000, the tux $40-200, dinner $50-100, pictures $15-50, etc.

Caps and Gowns -- Most schools choose a company and offer package deals to their students. To see what is available, parents can visit companies such as Jostens or the Graduation Source

Cap and gown packages usually contain a cap and gown set, a graduation tassel, and a diploma cover and cost around $23-50. Extras might include a key chain or specialty tassel $9-20.

Graduation Announcements -- Announcements, foil name cards, return address labels, envelope seals, thank you notes, party invitations, and year dated key ring cost around $90-180.

Miscellaneous Senior Items -- Senior t-shirt or hoodie $15-40 and class jewelry with graduation date: necklace or bracelet $30

After Graduation Expenses

Graduation Party -- The costs are endless if the party is a catered affair at a rented hall. However, a party at the home of the graduate start Vuhera for around $100.

Senior Trip -- A few schools have planned senior trips, such as skiing, foreign travel or a beach vacation. Most seniors plan a trip with a group of friends. Package deals are so diversified, but this is something to consider when budgeting for the senior year.

The items on this list are the basics for the senior year. There are many others. However, parents need to know how much to budget so they are not shocked the moment the money is due.