Raves In Underground Bunkers

"You make the right path through life in-step together with your animal counterpart. Dance music also carries the name of the dance that is associated with it. This art movement very aptly brought forth the revolutionary and rebellious ideas which were harbored from the proponents of the hippie culture.

Photo courtesy of (Flickr/Deymos), (Flickr/GaryKnight), (Flickr/tangi_bertin), (Flickr/jonhmagagnin), (Flickr/congaman) , (Flickr/ralphhogaboom). Rave parties became a great location for http://www.amazon.com/Dance-Music-DJs/b?ie=UTF8&node=7 selling and distributing party drugs, such as Emazing Lights gloves cocaine, Ecstasy and amphetamines. Is EDM music the future? Hell yes it is and we are here to bring it to the forefront! Check out one of our partners over at gloving light and see where we get all of our gear at!House Music Artists.

My seventh song is by B. However, it has now taken a lower profile plus an underground appeal.