Picking up toys is a virtue

Don’t worry about child don’t pick up their toys after playing. We should find an appropriate time, like toys manufacturer in China tells us, such as after "hard-working" story for children, we write “hard-working father and mother," with pen and paper, then "hard-working baby" comes to the title.


We can make our kids pick up the toys by letting them know it is a virtue by doing so. You can ask the child, "Mom and dad go to work every day, is not very hard?" The children certainly say yes, then you're mom and dad write a column under the "work", then you can also talk about "buy food to cook Laundry "sort of thing. When they want to buy car toy from remote control toys supplier, we can tell them how to collect them after playing. After talking about the parents, it is natural to a child's body can go. "What baby does?" At the prompt adults, children will be very hard to think, then one by one to tell you what he can, such as "eat their own", "dressing oneself", "clean up their toys," he said every one thing you should seriously down, let him feel you this moral seriousness and importance; and finally, according to his own words, you design a table for him, as a future teachings and daily supervision.


We can talk with our kids about the virtue of picking up the toys after playing when we take them to China novelty toys wholesale online for the choosing of toys.