Nice Views Of Pebble Beach's Restored 17th

I would rather play Monterey Peninsula County Club just down the coast from PB, it is, IMHO, better than all of them! Michael Strantz did the remodel - AWESOME!!

Strantz's last project before his death from cancer at the age of 50, was the renovation of Monterey Peninsula Country Club Shore Course.[

Strantz was a Renascence man, a true painter (oil & canvas). We were initially involved in the RFP they club had, and Stantz went out and spent a few weeks out there studying the holes and the coastline. When everyone else presented the old standard holes via CAD, Michael presented hole-by-hole paintings! He got the job, and deserved it.

Birdman, agree on Spyglass - very hard, but fair. Not sure why it has not held its "own" championship of some sorts.