Common Zoysia Grass Diseases

Zoysia is a genus of creeping grasses in the Poaceae family. Native to certain regions of Asia and Australasia, the species under this genus include: Zoysia japonica, Zoysia matrella, Zoysia minima, Zoysia macrantha, Zoysia macrostachya, Zoysia sinica and Zoysia pauciflora. Emerald Zoysia, which is a hybrid between two species called Zoysia japonica and Zoysia tenuifolia, is commonly used on sports turf, golf courses and high-quality lawns. Belaire Zoysiagrass, El Toro Zoysiagrass, Cashmere Zoysiagrass and Meyer Zoysiagrass are other varieties that have been developed. Zoysia grass is a hardy grass that grows extremely well during the summer months. Since it is drought-resistant, watering re