September 26th

On this day i went on a date wit kariuki... this is a guy ave met twice in my 7 yrs of knowing him... yeah seven years an ave met him twice.... dont be shokd theres a prity goood reason why... hes the one eva postponing our hook ups... reason i can guese... he dint want me to meet him coz of his looks... and his annoying character as well... he looks like an infected person... looks like a smoker of cheap cigarets... looks like a drinker of kariombangi keg n coke... looks like a .... well the list can go on and on simply coz i dont like him and his annoying habit..... i hate the way he walks... the way he puts food in his mouth... the way he chews it.. the way he swallows it.... aaaarrrghhh the way drinks water or juice or soda..or tea... he had water, tea and soda that day.... the sound he makes when swallowing them... wow this boy rily did take classes on how to iiritate samone ... alafu he insists on holding my hand on the STREETS!!! boy um soryy bt dont even ask or hold my hand or my sholder on the streets!! and then he wants to have a conversation in a noisy matatu? boy dont yu know i need a hearing aid in a manshester mini bus?