Limitations of Top Barter card Exchange

Limitations of Top Barter card  Exchange

 Lack of Double Coincidence of Wants:

Top Barter card system can work only when both buyer and seller are ready to exchange each other’s goods. For example, A can exchange goods with B only when A has what B wants and B has what A wants. However, such double coincidence is very rare.

 Lack of Common Measure of Value:

In the Top barter card system, all commodities are not of equal value and there is no common measure (unit) of value of goods and services, in which exchange ratios can be expressed. For example, if A has wheat and B has rice, then it is difficult to decide, how much wheat is needed to exchange with one kilogram of rice. In the absence of common measure, the exchange ratio is fixed randomly, in which one of the party generally suffers.

Top Barter card  system can work with few commodities in the primitive society. However, it is very difficult in the modern economy, where we need millions of exchange ratios for a large number of goods and services.