How Does a Media Top Barter card Work

How Does a Media Top Barter  card Work

Corporate trade firms typically work alongside a media buying agency on behalf of clients. Together, they approach media outlets to purchase placements from the media plan. Instead of making a total cash commitment, they negotiate by offering products or services from the client. In some cases, it is the media outlet that begins negotiations to trade unsold inventory for goods and services.

Some businesses will establish a value for the trade and offer a “trade credit” instead of goods or services.   Most media segments accept trade credits as a supplement or total payment on ad space. The corporate trade firms can afford to provide media buying agencies and their clients with this credit because in most cases they will then flip that inventory for a profit.

In either case, media buyers, corporate trade firms and the client will work together to reach an agreement for the ad placements. The deal is made upon approval by all parties.


Adding media Top bartercard as a funding option can allow you to build in more media placements to your current ad budget. This can be quite advantageous to companies that are otherwise restricted by their size or marketing  If your budget has decreased, supplementing your budget with media barter trade credits can allow you to maintain or increase your current advertising frequency level. Plus, liquidating unused product inventory can offset any possible loss from it not being sold.