smart balance wheel

los angeles electric drift board - The 2 Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter

2015 is an exciting year for gadget fans with all the release of the new 2 wheel self balancing electric scooter. All around the world, individuals are taking to Twitter YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to post pictures as well as videos of themselves zipping around on this 2 wheel contraption which essentially resembles a board having a wheel on either side.

A combination between a skateboard along with a segway, this mini Segway (without the handle) sort thing is blowing up in popularity, fuelled in part by the amount of stars which have been seen on one. From Justin Bieber Kendall Jenner to Jamie Foxx, to Soulja Boy, all seem to have had lots of fun doing so, and have tried their hand at this nifty little gadget.