Advantages Of Valerian Tea

What Is Valerian?

Valerian is an herb that's been used in traditional medicine for years that is mostly used to treat conditions for example anxiety, tension, moderate muscle/joint pain and additionally, it helps to promote a better nighttime sleep. The medicine is made of the root of the plant.

I started drinking Valerian tea before bed to assist with my stress benefits of valerian tea for the reason that it tends to get worse occasionally at night, so I'll have a cup, if I am feeling especially distressed or worried. The dosage states

Adults: One sachet one hour before retiring. Not suggested for kids.

There is a caution on this particular tea which is:

Warning: Can cause drowsiness. Do not drive or use machinery if affected.

This tea has an identical effect as valium, so I always have this tea a day or two in a row before I fly to help with my flying stress. Happily I don't drive so I am able to have this before the airport without worrying about becoming overly drowsy to drive.

What Does It Taste Like?

First thing, I'm not going to lie about the smell. I couldn't believe it stank of feet, as soon as I smelt a valerian tea bag for the very first time! When you presume it is going to smell fine but in fact it makes you PHWOAR it can be a real put off, but hang in there because the flavor is nothing like the smell thank god.

Valerian tea tastes nice compared to it's stench, if you can't hack the flavor try and place a teaspoon of honey into it and then try and wean yourself off the honey.

You can either buy tea bags or the the actual valerian root, scroll to the bottom and click the link to purchase valerian root.

Advantages Of Valerian Tea

1 - Valerian tea helps to relax the central nervous system.

2 - by minimising the time it requires to fall asleep and also enables us to have undisrupted sleep It helps to encourage a better nights kip.

It is best taken an hour before bed.

4 - It can help lessen muscle cramps.