Mother's Day Gift Giving - Flower Arrangements & Other Gifts Now Eco-Friendly

Mother's Day gift giving in 2011 with flower arrangements has started to become eco-friendly. Thanks to companies bringing out these types of products, and mothers who care about their children, along with the planet, gift-giving takes on an enhanced meaning for the Sunday holiday.

The popularity of flowers or edible gift baskets has grown as big as the holiday does annually. Online retailers like or e-Flowers sites are perfect for those. How about moms that are "green" and concerned about helping Mother Nature though?

A recent report from Fox News spotlights how environmentally-conscious some mothers have become. One gift idea that they say may be a popular one this holiday season is a bucket full of organic and eco-friendly cleaning products. Another idea is an organic gift basket with spa items such as bath, hair and skin care products. Also, moms who have a green thumb might enjoy a special plant they can put in their yard, instead of flower arrangements that sit on the table or counter.

For young children, dad, another relative, or trusting adult can give them assistance in choosing an eco-friendly Mother's Day gift in 2011. It really depends on the personality of the mother, but there's plenty of different eco ideas out there. It's great to see this movement towards more respect for the planet being combined with a holiday like Mother's Day, because it's paying respect to many important mothers at once. Now other companies need to join in to make sure other holiday products being used are eco-friendly. Do you plan to give mom an eco-friendly gift this holiday, or are you an environmentally-conscious mother yourself? Feel free to comment below on your ideas to help preserve the Earth.