International Day for the Elderly

The initial day of October is marked "International Day for the Elderly" and also I suppose that ought to be thrilling for us old folks.

One of every 10 individuals accounting Park City on the planet is currently over 60 as well as considered "senior.".

This makes me really feel good, as I'm now well beyond that age.

I've constantly intended to look older.

I remember when I was in my 20's as well as resembled additional reading a teenager, exactly how hard it was for me to be taken seriously in business situations. I held individuals older compared to myself in top esteem considering that they appeared so fully grown.

As well as accounting North Salt Lake since I'm 70 my self-perception finally moved as well as I'm starting to really feel various. Unexpectedly people are eager to open doorways for me, as well as I obtain nods of regard.

It seems like I instantly became great looking and also for the very first time I feel like I'm regular.

Being old also has its advantages and also I like it. It's fun to blink the sr. resident card before businesses as well as normally obtain a discount. McDonald's also has a special soda size and discount price for us senior citizens.

One trouble that has surfaced in my life, however, is the hesitation of youths to treat me as one of their own. I feel youthful inside, and wish to be consisted of in conversations, yet when that happens I'm generally disappointed because their conversations are so unimportant. I have actually never looked after computer game, and also I don't watch just what I think about to be "foolish" TELEVISION shows. I do not hear contemporary rock-and-roll on the radio, and I don't have an account at the Apple store. They "content" a lot, as well as I see the worth in that, since utilizing voicemail is excessively time consuming, but I discover myself should speak my ideas less and also less frequently. I can go all day without speaking a word to anybody as well as it appears regular to me. So young people as well as I have less as well as less alike.

I think we senior people are doomed to stay with our very own kind.

We have cars that are more efficient, and we look for means to minimize costs.

I'll never forget my shock at how much young people are willing to pay for a cup of coffee or for a cell phone. My present cell phone expense is ten dollars a month. It's one of those plans that uses my Wifi when I'm home as well as gives me 200 minutes each month when I'm not.

Merely last week my other half and also I authorized an agreement to set up photovoltaic panels on our roof in order to support our monthly electricity costs. For the next 25 years the monthly price will stay at the existing rate or decrease as the financing charges are repaid with the month-to-month financial savings.

So, we elderly individuals reside in a various world where points are watched with more scrupulous as well as where life is easier.

We'll take this big day as well as treasure it as the gift that it is. One more day to enjoy life and also its surprises.