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The other issue that is commonplace today is that of inter- racial marriages; we see that more Jews are now getting married to gentiles. So in my opinion, Shylock was more of the victim than the villain as may be seen in the play. Literally hundreds. According to him pilgrimage has to be predicted taking the 2nd 5th, 7th and 11th bhavas, visits to far-off pllaces being found out with reference to the 12th bhava.(Malefic in the second house show separation from family. But you have this nagging feeling in your gut that he is starting to treat you more than a guy friend ought to. And the best of the benefits is that you dont get any side-effects. Talk to people more and more and the problem will disappear. Because hes probably as confused about his feelings as you are. One, is the issue that the three marriages may not last; this has a relationship with many marriages nowadays which we see ending in divorce. He acts differently when youre with other guys All of a sudden, hes grumpy and sarcastic just because he passed you down the hall while you were talking to that hunk. It is necessary to solve the problems one by one and with determination otherwise they multiply and aggravate your tension. This simply isnt true. Rising action in a play or story is whereby there is complication of the basic conflict due to the introduction of another related secondary conflict. Would you be angry and upset? This can be seen where Gobbo who is shylocks servant mocks his fathers blindness and in Launcelot makes people laugh by the way he incontri hard misuses words exaggerates his movements.