Replace The Word 'Engagement Ring' With 'Lunchbox' And You Realize How Silly The Tradition Is

For a few cosmic diamond engagement rings reason, sooner or perhaps later in time, many people agreed it was proper for you to commit 1000's about engagement rings. because clearly diamonds are a girl's very best friend, as well as the size of the rock symbolizes simply how much your lover loves you.

Right? Wrong.

In this sketch by comedy duo Excess Fat Awesome, we are proven a proposal conversation with a little gender role reversal and vocabulary switches.

When the word "engagement ring" gets in order to be "lunchbox," it's apparent exactly how absurd the pressure for you to commit thousands on a luxury merchandise actually is -- particularly in the wedding you can't actually afford it.

And, honestly, can you really need which $8,000 "lunchbox" versus your $4,000 one?

h/t Tastefully Offensive