Baby Shower Games For A Fun-loving Crowd

Sometimes, you just want a child kado pernikahan that's a bit more rousing or colorful than the average event. In that case, you may want some active, games to greatly help pass the time at your shower and maintain things lively. 1) The Cotton Ball Game. This hilarious game is completely easy to create, and doesn't require anything you don't probably already have in your home: cotton balls, a spoon, and some bowls. You can play this game in pairs, or singles. Simply plop down a bowl full of cotton balls before your player, who you've blindfolded. Keep these things try to spoon all the natural cotton balls from their bowl into another bowl -- either one in near their partner, or a second bowl balanced on their own head!

Watching people play the cotton bowl game will make laugh their heads off. Cotton balls are therefore light, you can't actually tell if they're actually on the spoon, so usually your players will be working hard to transfer nothing at all. Whoever transfers the most cotton balls to the various other bowl wins a prize.

2) Don't State "Baby". As each guest arrives, give them a necklace (that is, a length of string) with a baby pacifier or a protection pin strung onto it. Any guest who hears another person say the word "baby" can call her out. If she's the first one to do so, she gets that woman's pacifier or safety pin. The woman with pacifiers or safety pins by the end of the shower wins a prize. For a variation, tell guests they can't cross their legs rather than telling them they can not say "baby."

3) Head Artist. Give each guest a pen or pencil and a paper plate, and have them place the plate on their head. When you state "go," have each guest attract the very best picture of a baby they are able to manage -- as the plate is sitting on their head! This game is incredibly challenging, but some guests are really good at it! The best drawing of a child earns a prize.

4) The Toilet Paper Game. Pass around a roll of toilet paper, and have each guest tear off a bit according to what size around she thinks the new Mom's tummy can be. The closest guesser wins a prize! (But only play this video game if Mom's pretty svelte, and that means you won't hurt anyone's feelings.)

5) Twister. The twist with this game of Twister is usually that the players need to be "pregnant" (e.g., they stuff big pillows under their shirts). Get a nice prize for the last one standing, er, twisting! Naturally, any truly women that are pregnant will be sitting this one out, but laughing their heads away!

As for prizes, do guests need to provide them with all to Mommy? You may have noticed this "rule," and wondered about it. The answer is: absolutely not! The presents are for the mommy; the prizes are for the guests.