Behaviours,Qualities,Importance And Ways Of Improving Friendship

A lot of people are in kado pernikahan unik or have got friends but don't really know the real meaning of friendship. Friendship is a state of being emotionally to another person, resulting from feelings of affection. The importance of friendship cannot be over-emphasized. Friendship is essential because: Young people learn social skills through friendship It offers opportunities for young people to share experiences and insights Skills gained in articulating emotions and thoughts will be useful throughout existence It promotes self-esteem It can help in building self-confidence It provides companionship It involves fun, sharing and caring It encourages mutual respect Appropriate inter-personal communication abilities are developed

There are ways to develop friendship skills. Included in these are: Maintain secrets and build trust Develop understanding and empathy Practice energetic listening skills by i.Establish eye contact with the other person ii.Pay attention to the person without iii.Pay attention to the person without thinking of what you will say following iv.Empathize with the individual as they're speaking v.Use "We" statements

There are nevertheless behaviours and characteristics that enhances friendship, included in these are: Forgiveness Trust Loyalty Ability to keep confidences Cooperation Honesty Shared passions Support during bad and the good times Dependability Empathy Respect Understanding Affection Sympathy

Friendship need to be improved and the way where it can be improved are: Having group actions Sharing information Exchanging gifts Sharing goals and aspirations Going to each other's family and various other friends Dating, with no expectation for shared sexual activity Solving assignments together Giving support in moments of trouble Making positive remarks about one another Having fun together

Due to the need for friendship, it is very important that friends must make all attempts to keep their close friends and make new ones. There exists a song that goes therefore: "make new friends, and keep the old ones! One can be silver and the additional is Gold". Old close friends are like Gold and the new friends can be in comparison to silver. But as time passes, even the new friends becomes Gold. That is why you should put quality in choosing friends and family and know the behaviours that may ruin it. Behaviours that could ruin friendship consist of: Gossiping Disclosing confidential information Bullying Peer pressure Dishonesty Selfishness Suspicious Disrespect Misunderstanding Betrayal of trust

I am hoping you have learn therefore much about friendship and by now, you should be able to make friends (or even you can become a good friend too) who could be trusted and relied upon in situations of need. Because human being cannot live a lifestyle of solitary,it is necessary that people make the better of our close friends/or friendship. You possess learnt also, the essential of friendship.

You should review your friendship list in line with whaat you read in this post. Remember your other friends too may be doing the same. Ofcourse you should e-mail this article to all your friends too. So that together you should understand how as well improve your friendship and get the best out of it.