Modern Property Investment in Lombok at the Hill Batulayar

Batulayar is a beautiful, hilly area with great potentials for property investment in Lombok, and the area is now bustling with properties and potentials to explore for future development. The Hill is a project created by several developers to turn the beautiful hilly area in Batulayar into a place for modern property development. The project combines service, modernity, and sustainability for perfect holiday.

The Hill Potentials for Property Investment

Currently, the Hill offers units of villas on strategic areas with beautiful view toward the beach. These villa units are modern, sustainable, and boast modern amenities and facilities. The construction design is minimalist modern, with square roofs and open concept for the interior design, giving the occupants much natural light and breezy air.

All villas are equipped with designer bedroom, kitchen and bathroom facilities. The villas were built on strategic spots where you can see beautiful view toward the beach. With the current Lombok tourism development, and more visitors looking for modern service in tropical paradise, this villa project in Batulayar can be great future investment.

The Hill Villa Development Facilities

All villas in The Hill Batulayar offer modern amenities in each of its 200 square meter building. Each villa is a compact 2-storey, 2-bedroom building with open concept and balcony that faces amazing view. Each bedroom has private bathroom with bathtub and shower, while infinity pool is available in each villa unit. Large glass panel windows make the villa even more modern, inviting and sustainable, since you get lots of breezy air and natural light.

Each villa also has modern kitchen with complete equipment, dining room, living room, lush yard, and parking garage. Wide terrace with reclining chairs are available. With complete facilities, modern design abd beautiful tropical view, these villas are definitely potential property investment in Lombok for Batulayar holiday property.