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The Problem with basic Search Engines

Old search engines do not understand peoples natural language. If you have a lot of redundant email traffic its because people are struggling to find answers. When this happens customer support gets bombarded with common questions. If your support center operates on an older search engine your agents too will struggle to find answers to common and more challenging support issues.

Semantic Search is the Solution

The Semantic Search Engine understands people with accurate answers. Designed to be integrated quickly, its deployable on most enterprise architectures ensuring service, quality, and scalability. The Natural Language Technology cuts down on response times and decreases the amount of support email traffic. Built with instant service in mind the intelligent adaptive learning technology reduces the amount of common questions agents answer which decreases customer support costs and increases Help Desk productivity.

Semantic Search for Self Service

From Instant Answers to a 24 hour personal A.I. host of your site, you decide how state you want your customer experience to be. Our intelligent search engine is intuitive and personal when connected to our many Self-Service Features. No matter what Self-Service you choose people who come to you will experience answers in a whole new way.

Offer Support to Agents

Cut down support emails and give your agents the power to answer people before they contact your customer support and instantly when they do. The self service features act as a support for agents when they are faced Big Data with thousands of support emails. Using Semantic Search in customer support your help desk will have faster response times.