Diversify Home Health, Home Care And Hospice Services To Secure Your Agencys Financial Future

Did you ever hear the advice to not put all your eggs in one basket? Well the tips is kado ulang tahun untuk pria, especially if you are a Home Health, Home Treatment or Hospice agency. Already we have seen cuts to the Home Health reimbursement formula, and Hospice is usually under scrutiny and will probably see some rather dramatic cuts later on. This turned out to be a less than a achievement for them and, consequently, the majority of the agencies closed their Private Pay out agencies or offered them. The services offered are as open and vast as the community served will support. Utilizing the lessons learned from the previous attempts to diversify into Personal Pay, the
of business makes the difference between surviving and thriving.

For Private Pay (Home Care) agencies, diversification is simply as important. By having only one or two lines of business, you will more than likely involve some down times with lack of revenues. Diversification of services really helps to diminish the effects of the decline on your own personal care or live-in services. There are so many opportunities in the Private Pay out arena, it really is a matter of learning what your industry will support and then developing it in such a manner that your customers will see value and buy.

Over the years I've seen some very innovative and innovative Private Pay agency owners create truly unique services which were well received by their communities. One agency had a very viable service collection in cruise companions. They had a high end senior population which were used to cruises, but due to declines in health and abilities, most of the seniors could no longer travel. The company developed a contract with a significant cruise series where they provided the personal care employees or aides that accompanied the senior on the cruise. Your client paid for all of the related cruise expenses and also the daily live-in rate for the aide. Reportedly an enjoyable experience was had by all.

Another agency developed a Mom and Babe system that catered to the large numbers of young, educated families in their geographic area. The aide not only cared for the mother and baby, but tended to the home and other children, allowing the new mother and baby to have got bonding time. The aide planned and prepared the meals and did the laundry and light housekeeping so the mother could rest. The program, as stated, was sold as a bundle and made great shower gifts. The aide was available on an hourly rate to continue services beyond the bundle if the family members wished, or her services could possibly be bought by the family directly for however long they were needed.

As you can see, there is no limit from what your agency can offer. With appropriate homework and an ability to listen to what your community is looking for and willing to pay for, you can do anything. If youre prepared to plan a far more secure financial long term for your agency, contact us today to discuss the many diverse opportunities that are awaiting you.