Set Your Extra Domains To Meet Your Needs Using Affiliate Programs.

But if you're like me at all... Every site owner/operator knows affiliate programs, all of us participate in one or more, or have at one time, and display banners and buttons on our sites offering anything from the charge card to viagra, Which is completely wonderful for attracting perception customers to products and services your affiliate sponsors offer. There is no crime in earning a bit revenue to aid your work and your web site planning, developing and supporting it. But when you're like me at all, you've a few names of domain sitting around doing nothing too. In case you require to get extra information on, there are many databases you should think about investigating. I-t happened to me that getting the domain names listed on the market has created minimum income, but if placed into the proper hands each year I renew them because I think that they're good domain names and have marketing potential. So I decided to perform a little study and find out what affiliate programs were out there that provided over buttons and banners, and I found that there are a number of affiliate organizations that offer RSS feeds and Data Feeds and also some offer full 'Turn-key' sites already created for you, down load an asp or php version of-the Turn-Key site to put on your personal server and you are all set. Visit this URL Releases Complete Guide to Building Affiliate Sites to explore the purpose of it. Place your domain-name to it, and you are offering a service or product that individuals have an use for, only begin your normal marketing techniques for the s). So I looked over what domains I held and was not using, considered what types of affiliate programs they would lend themselves to, which in my own case was easy, and I did some research. I had 3 domain names reserved and no sites for them,, and They were at one time active sites but had not been in company for quite some time, so considering they were domains pertaining largely to music or media, I started my search there. I came across that there have been over several music based affiliate programs available which required an investment in time performing a little digging through. I narrowed my search to those affiliate plans providing 'Data Feeds.' These are feeds that come in the shape of XML or RSS feeds, in addition to Text or CSV files that the affiliate could make available to you to use and get how you see fit, with some limitations of course. Researching these affiliate programs I found these bottles would give all the data, or at-least much of it for the same level because the affiliate website themselves. Which to me meant that I could create a active website providing some good things in ways the I handled without having to keep a list or process payments or handle returns and deal with any billing dilemmas as long as they arrise. For further information, please consider having a glance at: Releases Complete Guide to Building Affiliate Sites. So... I decided for my area to provide over 4000 musical instruments o-nline, and choose musical instrument sales through Being an artist myself, this sounded attracting me. For I went with an excellent plan from Rhapsody that provides real-time feeds in xml structure so my site is updated everyday with the artist and music releases everyday with no additional work on my part after building the site. And Finally for I went with an affiliate program by The program offered Data Feeds for over 40,000 items where you are able to shop on the web for shows, music Cd-s and games. I've also cross-referenced each of the sites with my own ads selling the other sites from within my sites to ensure that presence to most of the affiliate programs is mixed throughout the 3 sites which is helpful in generating sales if not traffic. So if you're sitting on several domains and want to set them to benefit you, decide to try studying several of the affiliate programs available that provide these kind of information feeds and see if you can use them in your favor as-well. Thanks for reading, and happy (and hopefully profitable) coding..