Class C IPs

Right here is an Search engine optimization myth that has not actually been proven one particular way or another yet. Identify supplementary resources on this partner web site - Click here: the infographic. The myth is that getting links from the same class C IP address will not help you. If you dont know what I am talking about heres how you breakdown an IP address. AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD So exactly where the CCC is that quantity needs to be vary. The reasoning behind this is that somebody could get web hosting and put 1,000 various websites on it and then link them all to 1 website trying to acquire its link recognition. So the search engines place an end to that by employing the IP of the web sites to calculate how considerably weight to give the link. There are very a couple of people that dont feel that this myth is correct just for the simple fact of how popular shared hosting is. If this myth is true then all these internet sites on the same shared hosting server cant support each and every other out with ranking. There is some evidence that can prove this myth even though. I have followed many discussions on this subject and have seen some results that make me a believer. The results fundamentally just prove how a internet site with far much less links can out rank a internet site with a ton a lot more links. This prodound homepage paper has a myriad of engaging tips for the inner workings of this view. This is since the internet site with less links has a ton much more distinct class C IPs links than the one with just far more links. Like I said I am a firm believer in this myth and I dont even like to refer to it as a myth but until verified beyond a doubt I will call it that just to make men and women happy. So when you are carrying out link constructing be sure to check out the IP address on where your link will be placed in order to make positive your link will pull the most weight..Perry Belcher