Best Celebrities from various fields

If you are searching for your richest personalities around the globe, then you are for the right page. Here you will know about the top celebrities of different fields like Motion pictures, Sports and also Songs.

Deepika Padukone
Deepika could be the top celebrity in the set of Richest Celebrities of Bollywood. The girl recently calculated net worth is $15 million which is the highest amid other stars. Deepika has done a lot of hit motion pictures recently along with Shahrauk Khan and their direction is famous amid Indian followers.

Ion Tiriac Net Worth
This great character is a business and a one of several top Richest Athletes. He takes on ice handbags and tennis. His celeb net worth will be $2 billion which is the top amongst other athletes of the world. Being a tennis gamer he received many intercontinental championships. His fans are spread across the world as well as gathers when he plays any kind of game.

Shahrukh khan:
Shahrukh khan is also named because King Khan for excellent achievements within the Bollywood industry. This individual stood 1st in giving continuous strike movies towards the Bollywood industry and also currently standing as one of the Richest Famous actors. His value is 202 crore. They got married to a Punjabi girl ‘Gauri’ and it has two youngsters at present. They lives in at the very top house named as ‘Mannat’ with his family. He is currently trying to introduce his son from the Bollywood movies.

Arijit Singh:
An Indian performer whose name is on the lips associated with Indian song lovers. He played hit songs and also grabs the attention of the international singers in direction of him. Their fan following has entered the restrict of the India. Today Arijit is among the Richest Singers on the list of Indian singers. He started his career using play back vocal range and today gets to to the Bollywood market. Recently, Arijit granted all strikes songs within a movie ‘Ashiqui2’ that got wonderful fame.

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