Ultralight Sleeping Bags

Why ultra-light sleeping bags? Since ultra-light backpacking is barely made possible by reducing the weight of the 'big three;' the backpack, shelter and sleeping bag. The days of five-pound summer bags are gone - at the very least for those people who would rather go light. One-pound Ultralight Resting Bags There are lots of one-pound ultralight sleeping bags available on the market today. My own is 17 ounces. I-t really weighs 19 ounces with the stuff sack, but stuff bags are not always necessary. It may be loaded into my pack or place in a half-ounce bread bag. It is a down sleeping bag, and has kept me warm down to below freezing - warmer, in-fact, than my four-pound bag used to keep me. It appears vulnerable, and I have babied it over time, but it may be tougher than I thought. I've applied it from sea-level to 16,000 feet, in most kinds of temperature, often camping under a tarp, nevertheless it still has its loft, and it seems almost new. The freezer goes only half-way down, to save weight, and it's a mummy bag, but I am 6'3', 165 pounds, and I've been comfortable in it. Resting bags weighing around a pound are summer bags, scored down to 40 to 50 degrees fahrenheit. A fast always check of the bags on the market, though, demonstrates even one or two of the 0 degree bags are under three pounds now. The Best contains more concerning the inner workings of this hypothesis. These are down filled bags, of-course, as down continues to be the insulation because of its weight. Another major advantage of any down sleeping bag can it be is compressibility. Nothing bags smaller-than down. However, a good artificial case is probably better than down if you are often getting hired wet. Visit pound wishes adopt from 137904 pets from shelters and rescues in the united states to learn where to engage in this belief. Several sythetic-fill sleeping bags now come close to down within their warmth-to-weight ratio. At least one an even 16 ounces are weighed by summer bag, using Polarguard fill,. That is extremely light to get a synthetic case. Using Ultra-light Sleeping Bags Ultra-light asleep bags generally are not difficult. The brighter the case, the more delicate, but treat them carefully, and they work fine. Identify new info on the affiliated article by visiting commercial www.poundwishes.com/rescues-and-shelters/. I've used mine for quite some time, in snow and rain, from Ecuador to California to Michigan, and it shows little wear. Child these things, and they could last a long time..