The Iphone Made Easy With These Simple Tips And Tricks!

A lot of iPhone owners do not fully utilize their phones. If you feel as though you're not getting all you can from your iPhone, you should know you're not alone. If you would like to learn about all the features that your iPhone has to offer, read the tips below.

If the iPhone is wet, dry it with rice. If your iPhone lands in the toilet or you get it wet, this can help to save your device. Instead of using a hair dryer, wipe your phone with a soft paper towel and then put it into a ziploc bag filled with rice. Then dry it out overnight, or at the bare minimum for several hours.

free dating sites While using your phone to browse the Internet, you may find it easier to do with a larger keypad. And it doesn't have to be an external keyboard. Move your iPhone horizontally, which will increase the size of your keys. This can make it more practical for you to type while using Safari.

To save battery power, decrease your iPhone's brightness. Go to the settings to change this. This will help save your battery power, which is important to having a full charge on your phone.

best dating sites There are applications that let you use your iPhone to store files. With the app, text, music, and even photos can be uploaded. Just use the iPhone directly or connect to a computer to see the files.

You can turn your iPhone into a thumb drive by equipping it with an app that lets you upload files to it. You can use your phone for many applications like image and video uploads, file uploads and music downloads. You can view and manipulate your files right through your iPhone, or link it to another computer to download and access them.

The iPhone gives you the flexibility of being able to capture a picture directly from the cord your headphones. Begin by framing the picture you want to capture. When you have that set up, and are ready to shoot the picture, push the button down on the cord. The picture will be taken. Use your regular picture saving steps to add the picture to your camera roll.

Most iPhone users take full advantage of their phone's built-in camera. After a lot of pictures are taken, it is difficult to sort through the pictures in the Camera Roll. Keep your pictures organized with the iPhone album. This will really speed you up when you need to locate a particular picture.

Via the default setting, the iPhone shows previews of messages when the lock screen is on. You may like this feature, or you may think it's annoying. If you prefer not to use this feature, you can disable it easily. Simply go into the settings section and choose messages under notifications. Show Preview is the option you want to turn off.

Iphones are pricey, but they are like a handheld computer. If you already have an iPhone, you are aware of the great things it can do. Thanks to the suggestions in this article, you'll be able to get even more out of your phone.