The Average Lifespan of a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

how long do portable oxygen concentrators last

Portable oxygen concentrators were designed to provide the oxygen therapy you need while you are staying active or traveling. They were also meant to last and are built to be tough. They are made to be safe, even while in use on an airplane, as well as small and lightweight enough to comfortably take anywhere. The one thing they cannot do is get wet, just like with any other electronic machine. Other than that, they can go anywhere that you can comfortably go.

But just how long will they continue to provide the oxygen you need? This depends on the necessary maintenance, and how often it gets checked out and maintenance, as well as the brand and the model. There is no solid number to tell us how long a portable oxygen concentrator can last. What we can do, however, is give a rough estimate based on a few different factors.

How Long Do Portable Oxygen Concentrators Last on Average?

A portable oxygen concentrator should no longer be used after the oxygen purity goes below 80% on the dosage setting that you use. Below this percentage, it wont be able to give you the oxygen therapy that you need to treat your illness. This happens after between 800 to 1,500 hours of use. As mentioned before, the exact number depends on the model, how well you take care of it, and how often you use it.

When is a Portable Concentrator Considered Used?

A portable concentrator is no longer considered new after it has been used for over 300 hours. It will still work just as well for many more hours, but it would have to be sold as used and refurbished and many health insurance companies will not cover a used model.

How Long Does a Portable Oxygen Concentrator Battery Last?

After being recharged 80 times, the battery will no longer be able to charge all the way to 100%. You will start to notice that it will only charge up to 80%. This is when you will need to get a new battery. The battery will still charge the unit, you will just need to recharge it sooner.

How Often Will My Portable Oxygen Concentrator Need Serviced?

You should read your users manual for your particular model. Some portable oxygen concentrators have a gross particle filter that will need to be replaced once every 2 years. It may even have instructions on taking it out and cleaning it. This filter is important because it catches the dirt particles and other foreign matter from being taken into the inner workings of the concentrator.

There is also another filter inside that you wont be able to replace yourself, but a service technician should be called to do. You should never try to change more than the gross particle filter yourself.

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