The Hpv Vaccine Why It Won't Promote Sexual Promiscuity

Ever since the FDA accepted the cara agar cepat hamil vaccine two years ago, its introduction into the health community has been embroiled in a medical, sociable, cultural and political controversy. The perceived possibility that administering such a vaccine to avoid a std could promote sexual offers trumped all other ethical debates, leading some people to cast its benefits aside. in the authorized generation have the vaccine so far. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that a vaccine against a single kind of STD would play a far more significant part in adolescent decision making than these elements paired with their responsibility, good judgment, and the boundaries of accepted sexual behavior.

According to NSFG, the very best two factors influencing teens who choose to remain virgins are fear of being pregnant (94 percent) and contracting HIV/AIDS (92 percent). Since understanding and awareness of HPV in this generation is poor in the first place, teens will not treat this vaccine as grounds to become sexually active at an age sooner than intended. And parents who be concerned about the vaccine causing promiscuity should remind themselves of the two most dangerous and critical indicators that influence teenagers to become sexually energetic and engage in high-risk behaviors: peer pressure and the use of alcohol and/or drugs.

Parents who get worried about their teenagers becoming promiscuous may also focus on a crucial method to keep them from getting sexually active too early: raising their awareness. Research has shown that parental guidance is among the most important factors in delaying teenage sexual activity -- teenagers who do not have involved parents are most likely to engage in high-risk behaviors. The HPV vaccine can in fact help parents guide their teens' sexual decisions by giving them a window of opportunity to talk about the topic, also to get health care providers involved in the discussion. There is no reason parents cannot, without any hypocrisy, notify their daughters that the vaccine is not a green light for them to immediately have sex. Rather, it is a strong message that you, their parents, value their wellness, and that its vital that you take proactive steps to become healthy adult. Think about it this way: Obtaining a car with an airbag, traction control and anti-lock brakes implies that the car can be safer in the long-run, but these features aren't a reason to drive recklessly -- accidents remain possible. Regardless of what, the vaccine won't, cannot and should not replace good, solid parental guidance.

The bottom line is we mainly because we as parents want to do what is best for our children. We all want to instruct them well while they remain in our protective cocoon so that we are able to trust them with their very own judgment when they become independent. If they usually followed our best wants, we wouldnt need to get worried about administering the vaccine at all. However, even teenagers with the best judgment can encounter peer pressure and fall victim to bad decisions or other reasons that may cause them to activate in risky sexual behavior, which makes the case for vaccinating even more compelling.

2008 Dr. Shobha S. Krishnan, M.D.

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