Greg Weight and Margaret Dodd

In the article that follows, san diego hills karawang foremost photographer of artists Greg Weight discusses his meetings with ceramic sculptor and film-maker, Margaret Dodd. Born in Berri, South Australia in 1941, this slight, diminutive girl produces robust, muscular sculptures of cars, that somehow combine both a feminine aesthetic and a masculine heft. Her initial solo exhibition was at the Memorial Gallery, University of California 1968. She lives and functions in Adelaide and was also the writer and director of the film This Woman Is Not AN AUTOMOBILE which became a pivotal film in the Australian feminist film function of the 1970's. -I saw Margaret Dodd's ceramic FJ Holdens in the 1970s when they became popular, each work with its personality as in Wedding Holden and Grassed Holden. Margaret had taken this Aussie icon off the roads and into our hearts and living spaces. It was a enjoyment to finally satisfy her in 1998. Through the same year I photographed Margaret in a cave, which she said sensed like being in an automobile, and she explained that for her there is certainly something primitive about vehicles, they are -like caves on tires, somewhere safe and relatively private-. Two years afterwards, in , Margaret required me up the Adelaide Hills to see The Fossil, a life-size car sculpture position in the lands of the National Motor Museum in Birdwood. This monumental function was constructed on site in cement, with moulds for the rocks extracted from the cliffs at Port Willunga. The automobile fossil was hand-designed by the artist in mesh metal and protected with reinforced fibreglass cement. It took 18 months to build.- Greg Pounds is famous for his photographs of Australian artists and while he is preparing another volume, his iconic first quantity, a handsome folio sized picture book called Australian Performers, remains a seminal text message in Australian artwork libraries. Few copies remain, but it may sometimes be entirely on Ebay. Original editions can be purchased from and , an online site that specialises in Australian audio recordings by ionic actor Jack and good Australian books and art. Greg Pounds Margaret Olley Australian Performers Margaret Dodd