Happy Dressing Gown Friday!

You will have heard of Dressing-Down Fridays, perhaps more commonly referred to as Casual Fridays where many schools and industrial pemakaman san diego hills will permit their learners or staff to 'dress down', perhaps this is in special event of the arrival of the weekend or possibly it is a sort gesture from the powers that be helping us to softly ease our way from the busy working week into relaxation setting.

Today being Fri, we thought it had been the day to share the very latest Friday trend and the modern twist to Casual Fridays with you, welcome ladies and gentlemen to. Dressing Dress Fridays!

The idea of Dressing Gown Fri is listed in the online Urban Dictionary, this online reference is fairly an insight into todays brand-new trends and expressions. It is a place where you can learn about Lmours, scuppers and Dressing a monkey in silk to name but a few weird and great new ideas. The Urban Dictionary is where you can find a definition for the latest trend of Dressing-Gown Fridays.

The Urban Dictionary promises that the Casual Friday practice in the 1980s, when men in particular wished to avoid ruining their suits when going out on Friday evenings after a long week at work. Bankers, lawyers and other specialists made a decision to wear casual clothes so as to protect their nice 1,000 fits from spilt beer and wines in the evening (Knowing that champagne doesnt stain when spilt, we will guess that those who do take the daring risk to use a fit on a Friday evening must be drinking champagne? Or perhaps water? Or maybe they simply usually do not spill? But this is altogether another discussion )

It seems that lately the casual Fri practice has evolved, a knock on impact from the development of working practice generally which sees a lot more people being permitted, frequently encouraged to work from home on Fridays. Working at home has become even more widespread with the arrival of the web, broadband and wifi; and in turn these same people no more need to wear suits for this practice. Based on the Urban Dictionary, the act of selecting casual clothes could be a difficult one particular and has proved beyond they who now simply home based in their dressing gowns. And more power to them we say!

We wish you a beautiful, sunny Dressing Gown Friday! And an even more relaxing week-end! And if today you are indeed sporting your dressing gown then please rest assured that you are not by yourself! ; )