Seeking Bankruptcy Solicitors

I was never so shocked when I discovered the power of Craigs List. Under the LEGAL JOBS group of Columbus, Ohio I placed the following:


Qualified Paralegal and Bankruptcy Specialist is wanting to form alliances with one or more bankruptcy solicitors who enjoy working on the consumer side of bankruptcy law. I've 3-1 years experience in the legal subject (1977) and have personally created several bankruptcy procedures from the ground-up for attorneys out-of state.

Being inside the Columbus, Ohio region, I'd want to work side-by-side with more than one attorneys in building a highly profitable person bankruptcy practice. I have all the skills and marketing information, I just need the lawyer.

Contact Victoria Ring personally at 614-875-4496


Greater than $500 per hour

Less than 24-hours after placing this news (which didn't cost me one penny), I received a call from legal counsel on my cell-phone. I called and left him a note but he did not call me straight back. Three days later I received another call from the Columbus, Ohio lawyer but he also did not get back my call often. During the time I thought that Craigs List wasn't going to produce any results. Learn further on our affiliated URL by browsing to los angeles chapter 13 attorney. But it did not matter because I had no money invested anyway.

Nevertheless, 1 week later I received a call from a lawyer who was so worked up about talking to me that he asked if I could possibly be at his office in an hour. I explained that I would not have time to wear office attire and he said, 'I don't care. Come in your bath robe. Visiting compare bankruptcy attorneys la perhaps provides tips you could tell your mother. I must consult with you immediately.' So I drove to his office and dropped everything I was doing. If you have an opinion about data, you will seemingly require to learn about bankruptcy lawyers la discussion. (I'd o-n my blue jeans of course.)

When I got there I met an extremely kind and compassionate young attorney who'd never worked in bankruptcy law before. I thought to myself, 'This is likely to take some time because I'll have to teach the lawyer plus build him a training.' But within a few minutes I found out this is not planning to be the case at all. As an alternative, I'd stumbled into a gold mine.

After being placed in the young attorney's office and after two or three minutes of 'chit chat' in walked a lawyer in my generation (50-60 range,) He had worked in person bankruptcy for 25-years and we both knew many of the same people. The experienced attorney said h-e was tired of working in bankruptcy and wished to put up the young attorney in his or her own practice. He said he was getting 10-15 referrals (new bankruptcy filings) every day since the world of bankruptcy gets prepared to boom. I agreed with him.