Khon Kaen-the Gateway to Isaan

Khon Kaen is only a 5-5 minute flight from Bangkok departing from the old international airport Don Muang. The airport in Khon Kaen is quite small and only has two starting gates.

The town is a pleasant mixture of old and new. We'd go out for lunch or dinner and sit in small bungalows along the sea or one of the waters and dine in pure satisfaction. Three or four dishes of a few beers, excellent food and some water and the statement could be about $10 - $15.

On the flip-side, there is also KFC, Pizza Company and other fast food places. European influence at its worst.

Shopping again is a mix of new and old. You can travel to the food market or the night market or head-to the Fairy mall or the technology mall. Discover further on a related link - Browse this web page: Streetwise Announces New Arrivals in Hip Hop Clothing. From cheap T-shirts to present films o-n DVD to bootleg pc software, Khon Kaen has everything.