Complete or Not?

In this specific scenario, the renter was willing to just let the dilemma of the tank not being complete from the airport pass by, but another difficulty reared its ugly head. He returned the automobile quite early in the a.m. right after filling it, which meant it was a key drop. Even though the automobile was full, no a single was there to verify. As anyone who has been hit with a fill-up charge knows, the fees rental places charge for filling up the gas tank are the worst. A handful of weeks later an $81 charge for re-fueling showed up on the credit card.

In this scenario the person did eventually get his cash back, but only after a lengthy annoying method. To compare more, consider taking a gander at: Airport Van Rentals Company Launches New Services. This story brings up an essential point: many of the automobile rental areas do have a refund policy if they mis-charge you for a fill-up, but you need to have the receipt from that day or the night just before to prove it was topped off just before you dropped it off at the rental center. Hopefully this will not be a problem that comes back to haunt you, but getting the receipt (and if they ask for it, make certain to have a photocopy) will aid make your case, and aid insure the return of your cash. Constantly leading off the auto just before returning it, even if it is only a few dollars.