Essential Grid review

Add something such as masonry.js or isotope.js and from now on you’ve got a filterable and sortable grid on top of that. These are all great features, yet are complex to create and implement, particularly for the average WordPress user who just provides a blank editor with buttons at the top to do business with. After installation, my first impression was some confusion. Upon activation, Essential Grid adds 3 items to your primary WordPress menu, as well as 2 have almost the exact same name: (1) "Ess. Grids" - which is a unique custom post type; (2) "Ess. Grid" - Notice no "s" at the end. This is when you may generate a large grid from scratch. Personally, I’d prefer #1 was called "Grid Items", only to have the distinction clearer. Lastly, (3) "Punch Fonts" - here you are able to specify any Google font you’d love to use within your Essential Grids and they will only be loaded into the page when a crucial Grid exists. Nice feature, however i really will have liked to obtain known that before installing. It took me a while to figure out that this was bundled in addition to Essential Grid instead of some random malicious thing. The Grid generator has a very clean and fairly intuitive interface as we discussed above. I really like the application of icon fonts, and the bright buttons from the grey panel to differentiate functionality. One question I often times have with any interface that uses tabs is if my settings remain generally if i change tabs. It’s not immediately clear, yet are, so you can tweak and configure until you’re willing to hit the important green "Save Grid".Additionally, it features an AJAX powered live preview of your own grid beneath the interface. Its not all changes trigger a refresh from the preview, nevertheless, you can hit the major blue "Refresh Preview" whenever you like. Here’s an easy walkthrough of all of the panels within the Grid generator