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Old content. If you want to get repeat visitors, you need new content; it's just that simple. Many sites never change and rely on new visitors and customers. This is the hard way to do business, as a repeat customer is much easier to sell to.

Best "only computer" bet: MacBook. More processor power for those large applications and a larger 120GB hard drive to store lots of important information.

When I hear someone tell me that they are going to learn Internet marketing "on their own," I know that person's business is headed for the scrap heap. If you remember only one portion of this report, remember this: You need a mentor to guide you, to keep you out of trouble, to show you what works and doesn't work, and to be there when you fall down and need someone to dust you off and get you back on the road to success. Without a mentor, you are a babe in the woods and the wolves will have you as an easy, tasty treat. These wolves will fool you with fantastic claims of things they can do for you, then they'll take your money and run. Sadly, I know many stories like this.

The planning to spend the money was immaculate but the planning to get the money was not there. This puts me to question that the website that is owned by businesses is that generating any business for the owners or not ? Seriously, do answer my question, is your website getting any business for you ?

web design process ranges from beginners to spend several hours putting together sites of amateur quality, high-quality web projects that world-class web presence. If you plan to spend $ 400 on their web site, do not waste your time or money. Your site will probably look cheap, and the embarrassment of actually harm your business image. It is better to remain as you were.

Utilize advanced features! Make this website completely unique to you by adding a video, positioning your logo on the home page, or by modifying colors to match your mission. Our support team is readily available to help facilitate this process for you!

It's optimized for SEO and usability. There are many factors to consider here. To start, check the layout. Make sure that the upper left side of the page will allow you to put your most important links and elements there - your header, link to the home page or your page's title. Upper left is where your main navigation should be. Why? Because that's the first place visitors will look (because people read from left to right). Visitors only have a few seconds to figure out where to get the information they need before giving up. You'd want to make sure that's possible with your website design.

Once the template is finished the content can finally be placed. At this point, the design has been tweaked, the template is polished and is ready for placing of content. At this point the content placement should be relatively easy - the first two stages are the harder parts of the project. At long as the CSS fits with the design and template, the text size, colors, and fonts will all match nicely with the design, and any images chosen should also fit well.

The content you have on your page will be key in SEO. Focus on a keyword to keep your content short and sweet. It needs to be grammatically correct. Content is king when it comes to optimizing your site.

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