Fitting the Car in the Garage

We have been covering garage organizing quite a bit lately, and the key to the whole process is knowing what you have, what you want to keep, and where to put it.To that end, many consumers are discovering a whole new place to park their cars in their garage!

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This is a result of getting rid of unwanted stuff or getting it off the floor to make room, combined with the realization that our cars are an investment that needs protecting; and that the protection offered by an uncluttered garage is just the ticket provided you know how to park your car to fit.

To that end, the SafeRacks garage organizing company now offers some high tech assistance in the form of a handy laser-beam equipped parking assistant, called, creatively enough, the Laser Parking Sensor. This device mounts on a wall or ceiling and activates when you pull your car into the garage by shining two laser beams (if you have two cars) through your windshield(s)onto a strategic point on your dash so you know just how far and where to pull in for consistent car-parking every time. Brilliant and useful.

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Fitting the Car in the Garage: Created on September 18th, 2012. Last Modified on September 18th, 2012