Until Dawn Episode 15 | SAVING JOSH...KINDA

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erFkVjRzJ4M   Until Dawn is an adventure survival horror video game developed by Supermassive Games. Until Dawn is a scary descent into a horror story that is both a video game and a movie, where your actions have control over the story. The game evolves with you, for you, even against you. When eight friends become trapped on a remote mountain getaway gone wrong, things quickly turn sinister and they start to suspect they aren’t alone. Gripped by fear and with tensions in the group running high, you’ll be forced to make snap decisions that could mean life or death for everyone involved. Your choices create the plot. Every choices matter, affecting relationships, encounters and deaths.
This is your game and no one else’s. You friends will not be playing the same game that you did because their choices will be different and so will those outcomes.