Curvy Swimwear model left unphotoshopped in body-positive campaign

Swimwear organization Swimsuits pertaining to most has just completed some thing unprecedented within its new campaign. The Particular Beach Body. Not Really Sorry campaign features curvy model Denise Bidot, who's undeniably gorgeous, but what makes the subsequent pictures unique will be the lack of photoshop touch ups around the images, Bidot is actually left as your ex unapologetically real, full figured self.

"I enjoy everything concerning my body," says Bidot in the marketing campaign video, "I've learned really to simply adore every little it. The Particular cellulite the particular stretch marks, every thing I with 1 point when I has been younger could have thought has been an imperfection I now understand is actually exactly what makes me, me." Within the photographs stretch marks along with cellulite can be plainly seen, but it is Bidot's confidence that girls swimwear genuinely shines through.

The Swim Sexy range features sizes ranging from 10 to 24 and also range from 1 piece suits to an even more normal a pair of girls swimwear piece halter bikini bottom combo towards the trendy along with curve flattering higher waisted bikini bottom. All Round the gathering seems to provide a variety of styles, a number of the patterns fall prey to swimwear cliches nevertheless other medication is more classic.