Why You Should Consider Believing in Ghosts

The fear of death has always haunted us, ever since we became conscious of our own species and existence. Life after death is a recurring topic in many aspects of our lives. If we die and become ghosts, that basically means immortality in a certain way. And being immortal sounds like something supernatural, a scene from a sci-fi movie. Turning into a ghost after death would be similar to uncovering the much-desired fountain of youth. But is there a truth behind this so-called supernatural phenomenon?


Before we move on, let’s just say that this article, as the word ‘consider’ in the title indicates, isn’t trying to turn you into a ghost-believer, because that would be pretentious if said out loud. We’re simply trying to point you towards that direction by showing you some unexplained real-life examples.


Let’s dig in.


Near-death experiences


Although scientific explanation for this also exists, namely that these are just short circuits in your brain playing tricks with you (or at least with what’s left of you), there are some other bizarre things going on here that haven’t been exactly explained. Namely, in a staggering number of cases, people who had near-death experiences on an operating table were able to detach themselves from their body and look around. After they had woken up, they were able to recount every single detail about the people in the waiting room, what they were doing, etc. They even knew what the doctors had been talking about while performing the surgery. Since the brain is clinically dead at that point, it is kind of odd that it can memorize things so well, and even odder – that it can travel around. That’s more than just brain playing tricks with you, right?


Haunted places


Although this one seems worn out, but instances of weird things happening in houses are real, with numerous eye-witnesses of poltergeists and objects moving. Surely, not all of the people are crazy? This is a phenomenon occurring independently all across the globe, so it’s not something one could attribute to a Hollywood trend. These sightings are usually connected to some gruesome deaths and troubled souls who have been molested or mistreated during life. For example, the Boone Hall Plantation in Charleston is said to be inhabited by former slaves.


Still more to learn


Scientific evidence for ghosts are unclear. In order not to spread panic, scientists and medical experts tend to disprove the existence of something ‘supernatural’. But it’s only recently that we’ve started studying these phenomena. There’s a lot more to learn, and who knows what we’ll uncover.


I happily grew up in the city of New York where I began writing stories about the paranormal. My work, Halloween – 1979, has been published in Sanitarium Magazine. http://lloydgreen.org/biocontact-info.html