Beauty: Product debunk; What's all the fuss about... solid perfumes?

Believe it or not, one of Queen Victoria's beauty faves isreally fashionable at the mo - solid perfume. The benefit is that whenfragrance is encased in oils and waxes, it lasts longer than theconventional liquid kind, so a little dab on the pulse points will keepyou sweet all day. Best of all, the pots look dead glam in your handbag.We get sniffy with four...

Tocca To Touch, pounds 28 (020-7225 1002).

This comes in a cute pink pot and the scent of Polynesian tiare flower is warm, sexy and exotic. A good choice for balmy evenings - so treat yourself if you're thinking of emigrating. lll

M choice Rouge Hermes Solid Perfume Stick, pounds 32 (020-7730 1234, ext 3036). We love the posh twist-up case and the fragrance is really seductive (so we've been told). It all comes in a little silk pouch. Worth every penny. lllll

Bobbi Brown Essentials Bobbi Parfum Fragrance Stick, pounds 25 (020-7378 7817). This one looks like a lipstick in its slick high-tech silver case. The fresh citrusy scent is delicious for during the day. llll

Joy Parfum Solide, pounds 89. Whip this out of your Prada tote and show the world you've arrived. Joy is encased in a golden jewel box sealed with a crystal lid. Ooh, I say! Smells very expensive (all that jasmine), but then it jolly well is. llll


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