Singer/Songwriter Chase Coy Releases Debut Album 'Picturesque' With Universal Republic Records

Singer-songwriter Chase Coy just released his debut album with Universal Republic on June 1st. To celebrate, the newly signed artist recently toured in support of his album, fully written and produced through the young musician himself, entitled 'Picturesque'. With a cost of $299 and a lot of features chatting here, the Zoom could be the greatest value in recording equipment available today. He joined fellow singer/songwriter and Decca Recording artist, Brendan James, on a U.

The multi-talented singer/songwriter played a romantic show at 'The Roxy' on Sunday, June 20th where he played his new album, 'Picturesque' acoustic style. Being located in among those places has benefits, nevertheless it definitely has a smaller amount importance than it used to. Dana Feldman - How did you move from being a nineteen year-old playing music in Greenwood, Indiana, to getting signed by Universal Republic?.

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To learn a little more about Chase Coy, please visit www. He co-hosts "The Devil's Advocate Podcast with Dr. com/chasecoyand watch the video footage of Coy and Grammy-winner Colbie Caillatat http://www. Stephen Rorke," and is also the author of the ebook "Paranormal Technology: Understanding the Science of Ghost Hunting.