Machine Learning Site Search

Intelligent e-Commerce SiteSearch + Accurate Results + Lightning Speed = Higher Conversions

Our formula for increased sales

Celebros intelligent, concept-based Semantic Site Search for e-commerce understands a shoppers intent and returns personalized, relevant and accurate results every time on the first page. This means increased Conversion Rates and revenue for online stores.

ecommerce Site Search with smart results. The Celebros ConversionPro V8 site search feature is the most intelligent and intuitive personalized site search replacement solution on the market today. By using 250 Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms it understands which word in the query is a product, an attribute or an expression related to price, product or personal term, the site search feature is bridge between a customers natural spoken language and a shops catalog (text). Semantic Site Search bridges the Big Data communication gaps by bringing shoppers to the products they want using their own unique search terms mimicking the way a customer would speak to a salesperson in a store or over the phone.

E-Commerce Site Search performance with speed and accuracy. Right next to relevancy and accuracy, performance can make or break your site search solution.

Celebros site search is the only in-memory solution that has all of the sites results indexed and pre-loaded into memory and are guaranteed to be the quickest for returning relevant results. The site search engine response time is 0.05 seconds (50 mili-seconds) or less,every time!