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Google’s Android platform is a dominating player in the smartphone world with a truly open

way of thinking. It has not just captured the market quite significantly, it has also revolutionized

the way in which smart phones were used and perceived. Android’s firm position as part of the

Open Handset Alliance and open standards means it is a truly diverse and customizable platform,

which often finds its way into a bespoke application that other platforms can’t accommodate.


When it comes to Android development, though, the saying that ‘It is never enough to know

enough’ fits quite seamlessly. There are new versions with fresh options frequently being

launched and that means that Android developers are always required to be on their toes. Only

the ones who are well researched would be able to do justice to the platform’s capabilities.

Moreover, the varying screen sizes and software specifications of the large number of smart

phones using Android, adds another rung of complexity to it. Get Android apps development,

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