Cut Till You Drop

Cut Till You Drop

The Chopping Board.....

You use it daily in your Kitchen. If not cared for it will make you ill And yet you probably never give another thought to it.

The Chopping Board is just a big table you employ in your kitchen for cutting, cutting and preparing food on. Discover further on our affiliated link - Click here: VitaVersa Bamboo Cutting Board Set Fights Food Poisoning In Support Of National Food Safety Month.

When buying a new board, you'll find heaps of options to select from timber, glass, marble, plastic. And it can be a confusing choice.

Glass and Marble sort cutting boards may possibly look good however they play havoc in your knives. The hard surface will harm its edge and quickly blunt your knife.

Therefore, keep your marble boards and glass for providing food only.

Even the experts are divided concerning which is best, when it comes to wooden and plastic panels. I-t boils down to personal preference. And mine is. wooden. Be taught more about VitaVersa Bamboo Cutting Board Set Fights Food Poisoning In Support Of National Food Safety Month by visiting our powerful wiki.

Wooden boards are often heavier and less inclined to slip. They're also more desirable and can be utilized to serve food in the table.

Where as plastic boards are lighter, come in various colors and are dishwasher-safe.

Whatever type you choose, it's imperative you clean it well. Parasites may cause terrible food accumulation and breed in your board.

So be sure to scrub your table well after every use, with detergent and hot water. Then give it time to stay and get dry. If you think you know any thing, you will maybe hate to compare about Your board ought to be completely dry before using again.

Its advisable to get multiple panel, to avoid cross contamination. Have one for fresh meat and one for other foods.

Or go to the serious and do what the pros do. If you believe anything, you will likely hate to research about Use 5 different colored boards:-

Red Raw Meats

Yellow Chicken

Blue Fish

Natural Fruit and Vegetables

White General

So, in the event that you board is just starting to look a little worse for wear, then it is probably time for a new one. And now you will be up to date to choose the right one for you.

Happy Cooking

Lisa 'The Crock Prepare'